Franklin Porter

"My mission is to deliver a real estate experience that is outstanding by fulfilling my client's real estate goals and delivering the ideal lifestyle they desire. I believe a great real estate transaction is all about the quality of the relationship and trust between the Client and the Realtor.®"

 A dynamic entrepreneur with wide-ranging management and strategic consulting experience.

 Franklin has led multifaceted business and marketing strategies, negotiated complex details and structured diverse   transactions. Franklin served as a Creative Director on a consultative basis for some of the most prominent design/fashion   companies, where his leadership and innovative foresight have been responsible for creating several successful ventures   and projects.

 Acknowledged for his business acumen, exemplary customer service, comprehensive marketing expertise, excellent   negotiation skills and integrity. Franklin’s traits are a natural fit for the competitive real estate market. It is his passionate   pursuit of real estate that generates extraordinary business results in everything he undertakes. To date, his professional   accomplishments are a testament to his worth as an Agent, as well as evidence of his ability for cultivating trust-based, long-   term relationships. His attention to detail, utmost discretion, and positive enthusiasm make him a pleasure to work with.

 Franklin found the transition to real estate to be the ideal progression from the fast paced, international design world. He   has made building a national network of strong connections a priority as a result has built an impressive track record. As a   full-scale dedicated agent, with a reputation for business excellence and expertise, he extends his real estate clientele
                                                                            world-class customer service delivering the best results possible.

He genuinely understands what is most important to his clients and pays attention to their wants and needs. Franklin delivers the best results for those he represents.

Franklin is committed to leveraging his years of professional experience to help people buy and sell property, fulfill their real estate goals and dreams, and deliver the lifestyle they desire. Franklin is your best resource for all your real estate needs.

“My background in media and design branding has proven to be invaluable. It has given me a strong foundation and a unique understanding of how to make people pay attention to my unique value proposition and garner RESULTS!

You can count on me to help you successfully navigate your property sale or purchase and provide you with insights you need so you make the most informed decisions.”